We provide a wide variety of creative services including professional photography. Our talented and highly skilled photographers will ensure that your event, product, or home is perfectly photographed — at an affordable price.

Our company works with both commercial and residential clients across the United Kingdom including property developers, business owners, architects, homeowners, and event organisers. Our creative approach to photography helps us capture images that are absolutely stunning and sure to impress. Some of the services we provide include:

Architectural Photography

Our photographers can take photos of buildings to showcase their architectural features. We will make your property look absolutely stunning.

Event Photography

Our team can document your event by taking high-quality photos throughout the day. We have photographed many types of events including lectures and seminars, annual general meetings, parties, anniversaries, product launches, business launches, and interviews.

Real Estate Photography

We often work with real estate agents and homeowners who are selling their homes. Our team will make your property look appealing, helping you attract many potential buyers.

Industrial & Construction Photography

We are often photograph industrial projects and construction sites for clients across the UK. Our photographers will take eye-catching images that include all of the visual information you wish to present. These photographs can be used to document the manufacturing process, show construction site progress, or highlight your business’ capabilities.

Wedding Day Photography

Our team will tell the story of your wedding and capture those special moments through your big day.

Fine Art Photography

New Media Farm can take beautiful photographs of fine art in a variety of styles.

Commercial Photography

For businesses, having high-quality photographs on your website and promotional material is essential if you want to convey a professional image. New Media Farm can help by taking high-quality images of your place of business, products, and employees.

Macro Photography

Macro photography is the photography of very small objects. This style of photography is very useful for capturing fine details on products that the human cannot normally see.

Panoramic Photography

We can create beautiful panoramic images which you can use to showcase outdoor events or local scenery.

Photographic retouching and restoration services

Our Photoshop gurus can retouch or restore any images that you have previously taken.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is a fantastic way to obtain a unique perspective over a landscape, building, or art project. We offer both aerial photography and aerial videography to our clients.

Why choose NMF’s photography services?

Here are a just a few reasons why our company is the best choice for professional photographic work:

Highly skilled and experienced photographers

Our photographic team has been working in the industry for many years. They have incredible technical skills along with an eye for detail and a creative approach. They consistently deliver photographic work of exceptional quality to our varied roster of clients.

Professional equipment

All photographic are taken using professional cameras, lenses, and lighting rigs. The quality of our equipment helps us obtain outstanding images that are sure to impress.

Experienced in a wide variety of operating environments

Over the years, we have taken photographs is many different locations including construction sites, industrial parks, weddings, lecture halls, and nightclubs. We understand the challenges that each location and project type involves. This high level of experience helps us obtain high-quality images regardless of the location.

A reputation for reliability and professionalism

We employ a team of highly organised and skilled professionals. They will arrive on time and get the job done to an extremely high standard every time.

A collaborative approach

We work closely with the client to determine their main goals for the project. This might include capturing specific images or using a certain style of photography. Our photographers will then determine the equipment they need to complete the project and get the job done.

We are affordable

Despite always delivering world class results to our clients, we offer highly competitive prices. All quotes are clear and easy-to-understand — there are no hidden extras involved.

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