Event Filming

Our company works with many types of clients across the United Kingdom including businesses, charitable organisations, government departments, religious organisations, social clubs, and private individuals.

Our talented videographers, producers, directors, and editors will ensure that your event is professionally filmed to the highest of standards. They have the right combination of skills, technical knowledge and creativity to produce outstanding results every time.

We collaborate closely with clients on every project to ensure that the live event is captured as accurately as possible and that all of the important moments are recorded on film.

All events are recorded using state-of-art lighting, cameras, and microphones, which help us consistently capture high-quality footage. Your live event can either be edited in real time or at a later date and turned into a package that can be broadcast or distributed in a physical format.

The types of live events we often record include:

  • Family celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, engagement parties, and weddings
  • Annual general meetings
  • Seminars and conferences
  • Lectures
  • Product launches
  • Live interviews
  • News events

We can provide both single camera event recording and multi-camera event recording with live event video switching. Other live event filming options include steadicam coverage, camera crane/jib coverage, large screen projections, creative presentations, live satellite link-ups, and Internet streaming. Once the footage from your event has been captured, we can precisely edit it in compliance with your project brief.

Why choose NMF for event filming?

Here are a few reasons why you should choose our company to film your next live event:

Experience in many operating environments

Our team has experience filming in a wide range of live events including general annual meetings, conferences, parties, and concerts. This wealth of experience means we can handle live events of any kind.

Detailed planning

We take a very analytical approach to filming live events. This helps to ensure that we capture all of the important moments during the event and edit the event according to your specifications. We will meet with you prior to the event to discuss your ideas and requirements and turn your vision into a professional recording.

Professional filming standards

Our talented film crew has the equipment and knowledge necessary to record professional, broadcast-ready footage. We do all of the work that is required to capture footage that looks and sounds fantastic.

Live editing service

Our editors can edit your footage in real time, removing any event downtime and deleting mistakes that occur during the event. Editing the event footage in this way is very useful for when you want to immediately hand participants a video copy of the event.

Post event editing

We can also edit the material filmed during the event at a later date, turning it into a highlights reel, advertisement, documentary, social media clip, or television episode. Our editors and producers will closely follow your guidelines for how to treat the footage and provide you with an outstanding finished product.

A collaborative partnership

Our company works in collaboration with clients, helping them transform their vision into a fully formed product. We will help you create a well-crafted event video that achieves all of your objectives.

Web streaming service

We can help you stream live footage of the event directly onto the Internet. Our team is familiar with all major streaming platforms including Facebook, TwitchTV, and YouTube. We will ensure that no technical hiccups occur and help you deliver high-quality footage to your online viewers.


New Farm Media is one of the most cost-competitive media agencies in the UK. All work is quoted accurately and there are no hidden extras.

We provide bespoke live event filming solutions

Our bespoke media solutions allow you to pick and choose from our vast range of services. This approach ensures that you receive a finished product that you love at an affordable price.

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