Editing & Motion Graphics

Our team of talented media professionals are experienced in delivering a wide range of services including videography, video editing, motion graphics, and social media content.

Our experience and technical skills allow us to deliver video editing services and motion graphics projects of a world class standard. We use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that all editing and motion graphics projects look absolutely stunning when completed.

We take a collaborative approach to all projects, working in conjunction with the client to achieve the best possible outcome. Our creative team is available to help you through the entire process, from initial planning through to project completion. Whenever you need assistance or advice on a project, we are only too happy to help.

In addition to editing and motion graphics, we provide a wide range of videography and marketing services. Included amongst those are training videos and product demonstration videos, and social media content.

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Video Editing

We are one of the leading video editing companies in the United Kingdom. Our team of experienced editors, directors, and producers can transform raw video footage into professional broadcast-ready segments.

Over the years, our company has worked with many types of clients, including large corporations, schools, churches, and private individuals. During this time, we have built a strong reputation for providing video editing services that are professional, reliable, and affordable.

Our editing team works closely with clients to edit footage to their exacting requirements. This results in well-crafted segments that accomplish the objectives that the client had in mind. Some of the video editing projects that we regularly perform include:

  • The editing of product instructional videos for business
  • The editing of promotional videos for businesses or organisations
  • The editing videos of events including concerts, annual general meetings, ceremonies, birthday parties, and weddings
  • The editing of advertisements for broadcast on television or online
  • The editing of internal training videos for businesses
  • The editing of footage for social media

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are a unique and effective method for communicating ideas and emotions to an audience. They are a visually engaging, which makes them particularly useful when you want to grab the audience’s attention.

Our creative team produces motion graphics that are unique, exciting, and innovative. We can create graphics that closely align your brand and succinctly communicate the ideas you are interested in expressing.

The talented artists at New Farm Media use a variety of techniques including 2D and 3D animations, advanced compositing, visual FX, and motion graphics. They have produced outstanding work for many clients in the UK and across Europe including major corporations and government organisations.

Training & Product Demos

New Media Farm specialises in the creation of professional training videos and product demonstration videos. Our creative team has collaborated with many clients to produce entertaining videos that also educate and inform the viewer. Here are just a few of the different training and product demo videos we can create for your business or organisation:

Safety Training Videos

The easiest way to teach safety regulations and procedures in the workplace is through the use of safety training videos. Employees can watch a video to learn how to operate in the workplace safely and how to deal with emergency situations. We will ensure that your videos are interesting, informative, and thorough.

Staff Induction Videos

Staff induction can be a time consuming process that takes regular staff away from their normal duties. You can avoid this loss of productivity by inducting new employees with videos. The New Media Farm can create exciting and engaging video content that your new employees will actually enjoy watching.

Equipment Training Videos

Equipment training is another essential, yet time-consuming task that regularly occurs in the workplace. You can save time and money by having your more experienced staff members record training videos for others to watch. This will help to ensure that their valuable knowledge is preserved within your business.

Product Demonstrations

Product demonstration videos are a brilliant way to highlight the features and capabilities of your products. Potential buyers can watch a short video to learn how easy it is to use your product and discover its many innovative features. Product demonstration videos can be targeted at specific market niches and distributed through multiple media channels.

Social Media Content

Social media is a very useful tool for promoting a brand, engaging with customers, advertising products and much more. It can also be used to distribute high quality video content.

We can produce creative video content for your social media channels that engages users and attracts thousands of views. We can also help you distribute content across various social media platforms and develop relationships with social media influencers.

Our skilled creative team can produce interactive and viral content using Flash, HTML5, and various video formats. We will help you choose the right technology for the social media platforms you are targeting and then distribute your content effectively.

Here at the New Media Farm, we can produce content specifically tailored to suit many different platforms. For example, we recently created a product review campaign for Garbanzo Chick Peas, which uses YouTube influencers. This kind of content is fantastic for connecting with younger audiences and building brand awareness.

We can organise all aspects of your social media campaigns, from writing scripts for social media influencers to recording and distributing your content.

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Corporate Videos

We provide our clients with a wide range of services including corporate videos, advertisements, branding documentaries, and corporate interviews.

We use our vast experience, creativity, and technical skills to ensure that each client receives a finished product that perfectly matches their requirements. Our team is always focused on producing content that obtains tangible results for our corporate clients.

New Media Farm can assist your company with media projects from the initial planning stages through to implementation. We can take your initial idea and turn it into an impressive piece of content that makes your company stand out from the crowd.

Our client list includes prestigious corporate clients from a wide range of industries. They have chosen to use New Farm Media for our ability to consistently produce unique work that gets results.

New Media Farm takes a collaborative approach to all projects, incorporating any ideas or feedback that the client provides. Our company believes that this approach is the only way to make content that accurately reflects the values of the company and delivers good results.

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Corporate videos

We can help your company implement its communications and advertising strategies with professional corporate videos. Our skilled team of writers, editors, producers, directors, and videographers will produce video content that is creative, effective, and broadcast-ready. Some of the corporate video services we provide include:

Staff & Client Testimonial Videos

Our team can record compelling testimonials that can be distributed via your website, social media, television, or physical media.

Product Demonstration Videos

Product demonstration videos are a very effective way of showcasing the capabilities of your products and obtaining more sales. We will help you create highly effective demonstration videos that consumers enjoy watching.

Internal Training Videos

We have helped many companies implement workplace training strategies by producing training videos. These videos can dramatically improve productivity and reduce costs.

Case Studies

Our video case studies will showcase your success stories and help potential clients learn more about your business.

Recruitment Videos


Each project is planned and executed by skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry. They will produce a corporate video which exceeds your expectations, both in terms of its professional appearance and the outcomes it achieves.

Video Production

Our video production services can be used to create many other types of videos for your company including:

Corporate Showreels

A corporate showreel is an excellent way to showcase the capabilities of your company or your products or services. It can be used to advertise your business in a highly professional manner to prospective clients, investors, and business partners.

Our professional producers, directors, writers, editors, and videographers will create a corporate showreel that accurately represents your company’s achievements.


It is important that any video footage released by your company is of professional quality. Our team can help you ensure this is the case with our videography services. We will record and edit your project, ensuring that the end result is broadcast-ready, professional footage.

Our skilled team of directors, producers, stylists, and camera operators will ensure that the project is filmed according to your specifications. We will use state-of-the-art lighting equipment, multiple camera angles, camera composition, and professional sound recording to obtain footage of the highest quality. You will be delighted by the quality of the finished product. Take a look at our DNM Fashions London project to see an example of our videography services.

Corporate Interviews

The team at New Media Farm often records interviews for companies in the UK. Our professional services produce broadcast-ready footage at an affordable price. Some of the corporate interview services we provide include:

Job Seeker Interview Videos

We can record interviews with job seekers. This can help your human resources department keep track of applicants and their capabilities.

Client Testimonial Videos

Video client testimonials are a very effective way to share positive reviews of your business’ performance. We will help you create compelling testimonials that convince prospective clients to choose your business.

Employee Testimonial Videos

Testimonials from employees are also very effective for attracting new customers and talented job candidates.

Management Interview Videos

Our team can record interviews with managerial staff, suitable for broadcast internally or to the general public. These kinds of videos are perfect for shareholder announcements, general company updates, and new initiative announcements. Take a look at one of our recent management interview videos.

Branding Documentation

A branding documentary uses a documentary format to tell a company’s story via the experiences of customers or employees. It is an innovative and engaging way to share more information about your company.

Branding documentaries are an indirect method of promoting your brand. Instead of talking about the specific achievements, it focusses on the individuals who have a relationship with the company. It results in a very authentic and compelling video that viewers enjoy watching. For an example of this approach, take a look at this short branding documentary focussing on lokkhipur primary school.

Advertising and PR Firms

New Media Farm has built strong relationships with many Advertising and PR firms in the UK. We provide them with a wide range of services including videography, advertising, social media, viral video content, and corporate videos. Our team of media professionals will provide the media content you require in strict adherence with the brief along with the project’s budget and timeline.

We Deliver The Best User Experience And Our Customers Have Harvested The Rewards From This. Be The Next And Contact Us On 0208 524 2815 To Discuss Your Specific Requirements.


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